A friend of mine gave me this advice years ago.  "Stay in the middle", she suggested.  Times were turbulent and emotional and this simple phrase kept me above water.

I've never forgotten this advice.  Daily, I remind myself to "stay in the middle", keep calm and go with whatever adventure unfolds.

When the intensity rises and you're pushing your limit, stay in the middle.  Don't bump the edges. Avoid expending needless energy trying to figure out how to get around a challenge rather than accepting and moving through it.

This same advice applies well to daily workouts.  Are you hiding on your bike hoping that no one notices you?  Are you limiting your range of motion IN TRX class because it's just easier for you? Are you so comfortable with your 10 pound dumbbells, there's no reason to change?  Are you signing up and not showing up because it's easier to stay in bed or hit happy hour?

Remember this:  stay in the middle, move yourself forward and accept the challenges that unfold before you!