Developed by Aaron Mattes, AIS is based upon a 2 second hold per stretch.  Participants move in and out of a specific stretch up to 10 times, each time pushing the end point of the stretch another degree or two.  From the first rep to the last, the targeted tissue begins to open up and respond. When a muscle is in a lengthened state for longer than 2 seconds, your nervous system signals the muscle to contract. This protective mechanism is your body's way of keeping your muscles and joints safe from over stretching and instability.  

When practicing AIS, staying focused on the specific movement, your breath and how your body is responding is key.  It's like truth serum for your muscles.  The more you work on stubbornly tight areas, the faster your body responds and chronic pain begins to leave your body.  It's hands on, do-it-yourself pain management.  AIS truly enhances every other type of physical activity, including sitting.  It creates an amazing awareness of your body.  

At ride + workout, we practice AIS together Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:45PM and Saturdays at 8:50AM.  We also add AIS to a few ride and row classes each week.  Join us!