A little core work using TRX suspension training.

A little core work using TRX suspension training.

How many times do we finish a strength, core or TRX class and say, "I would have never done that workout by myself?"

When we strength train together, we finish the reps and sets, maximize our time and get the job done.  Strength training, whether it includes dumbbells, body bars, TRX or just your own body weight takes dedication, focus and discipline.  Strength training in a group of like-minded individuals brings energy, creativity and power to the workout.  Before you know it, the work is complete and you are off to the rest of your day.

The benefits of regular strength training include:

  • Increase in lean body mass
  • Higher metabolic rate
  • Decrease in blood pressure and resting heart rate
  • Decrease in body fat
  • Improved mood and self-esteem
  • Increased agility, mobility, power and endurance
  • Strength training is a necessary part of any regular exercise routine!

Ride+workout offers many strength, TRX and core training classes per week.  We add strength and TRX to several of our ride classes.  ROW Sculpt and ROW HIIT include strength and core work throughout the class.  Make a commitment to strength training and reap the rewards!