How do you balance the festivities of the holiday season without losing what you have worked so hard to maintain all year?

Jill Aron's easy to follow tips should help!

  • Don't skip breakfast!  Maintaining your regular, healthy breakfast habit will help you manage hunger throughout the day keep you from overeating later.  Break that fast and eat your breakfast to keep you fueled for your holiday schedule.
  • Keep up with your workouts!  You need to balance energy intake with energy expenditure.  Think twice before you skip your workout. 
  • Pay attention to portion sizes and eat mindfully.  Don't rush, enjoy each bite with family and friends.
  • Holiday foods can be loaded with unnecessary sugars and salts.  If you are preparing holiday foods, buying items in low sodium, sugars and fat can help save calories.  Your guests will never know the difference!  

You'll enjoy the holidays and the New Year even more my keeping these simple tips in mind!