Join on regularly on Saturdays at 8:50AM and Mondays and Wednesdays at 5:45PM, studio row, for a full hour of active isolated stretching (AIS).  Consider AIS important maintenance for your body. Empower yourself to heal and open up chronically tight areas.  If you are feeling locked up and not moving to your potential, AIS will teach you how to gently and effectively open up muscles and connective tissue. We focus on chest, neck, shoulders, lower back, hamstring, quadricep and hip muscles during the class. In order to not violate your body's stretch reflex mechanism, all stretches are held for a 2 second maximum. This class is for anybody, any level.  AIS enhances every other activity that you do. Trust us, you will feel better than ever!!  Bring a mat (we have extras, just in case).  Straps are provided.